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Tear the Books Apart!

“Tear the Books Apart!”
Atalanta Workshop, 5-7 February 2016

Brown University: schedule, location of events

.*all events will be held at Brown University

5 Feb 2016, 5:30pm

“Songs from Hesperides: Michael Maier’s 1618 Musical Alchemical Emblem Book, Atalanta fugiens.
Annmary Brown Memorial, 21 Brown Street, Providence, RI 02912

  • A Performance Lecture exploring the sound and structure of Maier’s seventeenth-century canon as encoded instructions for making the philosophers’ stone. Solo-voice ensemble Les Canards Chantants, Robin and Graham Bier, Directors. With Donna Bilak, Columbia University. Reception to follow, co-sponsored by Renaissance and Early Modern Studies at Brown.

6 Feb. 2016, 9:00am-5:00pm

Hands-On Atalanta: link, layer, and play!
Digital Scholarship Lab (DSL)/Rockefeller Library and Hay Library, Brown University, 10-20 Prospect Street, Providence, RI 02912

  • 9:00-10:30am, DSL/Rockefeller Library. Introduction: exploring the book and mapping out issues and questions (orientation and structure, re: tools for prototyping), Donna Bilak, Lee Zickel, Tara Nummedal
  • 10:30am-noon: Hay and DSL/Rockefeller. Prototyping breakouts in “disciplinary” groups
  • noon-1pm: lunch in DSL/Rockefeller
  • 1-5pm: Hay and DSL/Rockefeller. Breakouts in interdisciplinary groups by emblem

7 Feb. 2016, 9:00am-noon

Show and Tell, and Reflections Therewith.
Digital Scholarship Lab, Rockefeller Library

  • Group presentations of emblem prototypes.


… and we are excited to announce an “extra” event on Sunday: the Les Canards Chantants concert, “Every Lasciviousness” held as part of an Early Music series led by Fred Jodry (Senior Lecturer in Music, Director of Choral Activities Brown University)
“Every Lasciviousness” is an exploration of the 17th century Italian Madrigal: the music of Monteverdi, Gesualdo, Gabrieli and Bianchieri
Sunday, 7 Feb. at 3:30
First Unitarian Church
One Benevolent Street
Presented by Museum Concerts of Rhode Island
Tickets at the door $25
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